Friday, January 31, 2014

On The Edge of Bewilderment

I always want to be surprise by what future may holds. Sometimes I do day dreaming and create my future on my mind but then I think where is the element of surprise? But still I day dreams a lot.

I have always been in the crossroad between becoming the person I want to be or be a person people want me to be. I often want people to see me as smart, cool and successful person. I used to think that working in a prestige company would be great and people would see me differently. But do that kind of things make me happy? I can’t figured it out. Then I closed my eyes and start thinking about the things that make me happy. And I found out that I’m happy with all those little things happen in, my life. I like it when it’s raining, I also like it  when the sun shine and the weather is warm. I’m happy when I can spend time with my mom. I love watching movies, go to music show case and concert, visit the new art gallery over the town and practicing my french. I love reading the new book from my favorite writers.

If I could just choose what I wanna be, I want to be one of those brave women in Gaza. I want to be a volunteer on remote islands. Meeting all those new people, see things from their point of view. See the world with a new perspective.

But then, chance won’t knock twice. When it comes, I gotta made up my mind. And, if I let that chance away. I will left my self wondering. A man gotta do what a man gotta do.