Monday, December 28, 2015

Life is Weird Yet So Magical

Life is weird yet so magical. Just when you think you know what you're doing, suddenly you don't know nothing at all. When you think you know exactly how you feel, suddenly you're not sure about anything. Yeah, life is that confusing.

They say, I don't need to know everything right now because everything will have its own place like a piece of puzzle. It has it own place, then I could see the big picture. But puzzle comes with instruction and life doesn't. I am curious, as curious as a baby. I want to figure out everything by now though life doesn't go that way. Most times, I want to hurry the process. On the other hand, the fact that life itself is a process, there's no life without any process.

And there is a wise word saying 'Fall in love with the process and the result will follow'. So if you asked me whether this life process is confusing me? Yes, it is but I still love it.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

A letter to my 15 years old self

10 years later, you won't even think about that boy who break your heart

In 10 years you will forget all those bigot bully

You will be comfortable in you own skin and love all the features you used to hate. You'll shine.

Don't try too hard to be somebody else, you is enough.

You'll start doing the things you love.

It's not easy, even after 10 years but you'll get through it.

It would be full of ups and down but I hope it worth the struggle.

You will stop using everything that say whitening, fair and lovely.

Because you'll love your tanned skin so much.

You'll  have a different perspective on marriages and kids but that's okay.

And you gradually will no longer care on what people might say, because who cares?

Travel abroad and spread your wings, you'll go places and meet many new people.

You'll even dye your hair green, because why not?

You cry, you fall and stumble but like air, you'll rise.

So dear,

Keep on swimming...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

On Arguments Over My Facebook Posts

the open mind | Top 10 Things that The Rich do differently that makes them Successful

I don't live to impress but to express myself. My Facebook page is a platform for me to do so. Due to that, every article, statement, or picture that I share is according to my opinions and preferences. Especially, the articles.

If any of my fellow Facebook friends, family, or acquaintance feel offended, disagree, or to the extreme, hate, the posts or articles that I share on Facebook. I suggest you to confront the publisher, writer, or researcher of those articles. Because I have zero responsibility for your own subjective opinion. I share those articles because:
a. I like the articles,
b. The research interests me,
c. The article has some beautiful values that I want to share with my fellow Facebook friends,
d. For the freedom of speech and sharing information.

And, if you for some reasons that I could not fathom, hate it. You shouldn't be allowed to:
a. Hate me for those articles,
b. Feel ashamed of me, because I shared those particular articles (FYI, it's my very own Facebook page),
c. Offended me for those particular articles.

But if the particular articles tickle your curiosity, you may:
a. Ask me any objective question and a fair discussion privately or,
b. Give a comment to discuss this matter openly, but still have to maintain an open mind and not to offend logic,
c. Stay objective.

But before you hate something and do one of those things I mentioned above, please try to read and comprehend the articles. Do not hate you don't understand.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Have a nice day

Prettypal Dhillon

Friday, June 12, 2015


"There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure" inspiring quote from the crafted life

Mistakes is the sign that you're alive, the sign that you are actually doing something in life. Sign that you learn something.

Blaming or shaming people for it is not the right thing to do. Otherwise, we should cherish it and encourage people to learn new things from that mistakes.

A wise man is the one who already made so much mistakes and not afraid to make more of it, in order to learn from it.

When you are young and foolish, the you become old and wise.

Being wise doesn't showed from your words only, it should be seen through action. You may have said all the right things in the world but if you don't do it in action, people are not gonna buy it. The question is, can you practice you preach?

still mad with my dad,
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