Sunday, December 29, 2013

That Girl

So what you're form the other side of the tracks,
So what the world don't think we match,
I'll put it down like my love's on wax, guess what?
I'm in love with that girl
And she told me, that she's in love with me

I was in the middle of cleaning my room when this song pop up from my laptop.
And then I think, this song took the idea of romanticism on my head to a whole next level.
So, here I am, abandoning my "shipwreck" room and write my blog with this song repeating over and over.

I've  listen to this song more than one time before this. But today, it is a different case, a different situation and different feelings.

I hope you guys know this song, if you don't then I don't know what Google is used for? Move you lazy ass and find it. Well, okay it is 'That Girl' by Justin Timberlake. As I type down this blog post, I realize that all the paragraph I've made is started with 'I'. What an egoistic person would do that. But I'm just too lazy to change that and thinking of another word.

Well let's back to this song, this is what I intended this blog post for. Before I start blabbering about any unnecessary things.

This song just made me imagining things that I hope maybe someday would happen.
I was imagining that one day, okay I know this is cheesy, that guy will sing this for me, at least he lip sync it for me and ask me to marry him. Shit, this is cheesy. But sometimes girls love those little cheesy things. I want to be 'That girl', the girl he will proudly say that he's in love with that girl.

I listen and listen to this song, over and over again I can't stop smiling.
So before my mom creep in and ask me what happen and I have to face an awkward conversation with her. Well, she's already in. So, I think I should end this blog post.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life is full of choices, what you choose determine everything

"Life is full of choices" we heard this often. I've to admit that it's true, the truest of the true. 
You know even before we open our eyes after a long napping or hibernating we already make a choice. Whether we are going to sleep again and continuing our dreams or we are going to get up and chasing those dreams, make it happen. The choice depends on us! 

So make your choice carefully because it's the one which will lead us up to the future.

A Poem by Tennesa Querida

Amazingly freezing my brain,

Dazzling like a sparkling star,

And I'm sink down deep to the

subconscious and just disappear

I'm just lunatic in the fantastic universe

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#4 Essay - Reason Why I Would Like Join the Program

Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. - James Tuslow Adams

All men are cerated equal, this statement is giving me an illumination that every single person has the same right to get life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As this ideas is the root of American Dream. We all know that American Dream is the national ethos of the United States. This ethos is hwat ultimately made me want to go to America to see and feel the passion of American Dreams. This IELSP program is my way to purse this. In this program, I will not only learn English but also deepen the thought about American Dream.

I keep applying this ethos on my daily basis. That is why I am doing my best to get the same right on everything. I studied Computerized Accounting since 2009 till present and will be graduated in 2013. In this major I learn about business process and system that could sustain it. English is the major key for me to emphasize my education because there are so many information sources which can help me that are written in English. Therefore, I feel the necessity to maximize my English. My parent took me to an English Course since I was 10 years old, in the end I completed my advance class. But my eagerness does not stopped there, I joined the Bina Nusantara English Club right after I entering the college. In this club I took news casting and TOEFL class. Its thought me so many things from the way to communicate, English structure till friendship. I am interested in becoming a news anchor and I hope that everything I will learn in this IELSP program would greatly help me to bring my dreams into reality. Because I believe that all men are created equal, so I can be everything I want just like everyone else.

I learn in contradiction but there is not an inconsistency to be found.

#3 Essay - Long Term Career Aspiration and Skills Needed

Since I was a kid, I always imagine myself as a doctor or sometimes business woman. But when I took may news casting class, it made me found my other passion, becoming a news anchor. I like how the broadcast medium can capture a story, tapping into sense that printed media can't do. I think the whole broadcast outlet put serious thought into what they airing. It may be naive but I still think there are a lot of people concerned with quality and I want to be one of them. A broadcast media become more popular, it's becoming easier to respond to what is broadcast through radio or television and I think that is a good thing. 

At this point, my post graduation plan is to work as a news presenter and I need an excellent English abilty both oral and written. I am looking at the experience as an extension of my education and this scholarship program would go a long way towards helping me get by.

#2 Essay - Pressing Issue

It's written in 2011 so maybe the issue is out of date...

There are several issue that faced by Indonesia but for me the most pressing issue is about Papua. Papua no longer wanted to be in the unity of the Republic of Indonesia. As I can conclude based on what I see, there are 4 main reason why OPM (Organisasi Papua Merdeka) wants to make Papua an independent country without any interference from Indonesian Republic.

First, historical problem and political status of integrating Papua to Indonesia. Second, unresolved military operation in Papua that harm the civilization. Third, the development process that does not include Papua's people make them feel eliminated. Last, failure of development that can be view in terms of education and welfare. As a student I played the role as an agent of change, I can spread the thought that we have to save Papua and treat them as an equal through social media like twitter and facebook. Hundreds even thousands of people can see it, spread it to the other and eventually there will be a positive change.

Old essays

I found my old essays that I made for the application for the IELSP program. It's scholarship for learning English in US for like 8 weeks. Though didn't make it, I still think that all these essays could come in handy for others who need amusement. As these essays are major crap and full of grammar mistakes. 

So, I'm calling all the grammar nazis to come and see...

#1 Essay about personal life
Life is like dancing if we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time. - Miguel Angel Ruiz
Spending my life as an India (faced) girl in Indonesia, where Indian people are only minority is quite hard in my early life. Although I am a citizen of Indonesia but both of my grandparents are Indian so I look like a native Indian girl. People always stare at me wherever I go, it's quite annoying for me. People reactions towards me finally makes it so hard to get along with others.  My parents realized this's not good for me. So, my mother started to encourage me, she introduced me with my very first friend in school. She kept saying "no matter what's outside its what's inside that counts". I do believe to my mother, slowly but sure I turn from a very shy girl into who I am now. I have one brother and one sister, that's why I have to be a goo role model for them. My parents, brother and sister take a great part in my life. I created my life as good as I can be. My family is my muse in everything.

As I typing this, I found soooo many mistakes. Hope you find it too. Well, this's the first. Still got several of these. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It was

It was just a one-sided date. 
You kept talking and I kept listening.
You picked the flick and 
I was just watching you from the right side.
I thought it feel pretty good,
But I was wrong.

Well yeah, I know I'm a fool.
But love can do no wrong, is it overrated?