Sunday, December 27, 2015

A letter to my 15 years old self

10 years later, you won't even think about that boy who break your heart

In 10 years you will forget all those bigot bully

You will be comfortable in you own skin and love all the features you used to hate. You'll shine.

Don't try too hard to be somebody else, you is enough.

You'll start doing the things you love.

It's not easy, even after 10 years but you'll get through it.

It would be full of ups and down but I hope it worth the struggle.

You will stop using everything that say whitening, fair and lovely.

Because you'll love your tanned skin so much.

You'll  have a different perspective on marriages and kids but that's okay.

And you gradually will no longer care on what people might say, because who cares?

Travel abroad and spread your wings, you'll go places and meet many new people.

You'll even dye your hair green, because why not?

You cry, you fall and stumble but like air, you'll rise.

So dear,

Keep on swimming...

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