Saturday, October 1, 2016

Your 20's

It is okay to feel completely lost in your 20’s. It’s what your 20's are for, to get lost and found yourself. To be lost and be found again.
It is the age where you should do all the trial and error. Experiment with yourself for one day you will know exactly what you want.
It is okay to not knowing what you want right know, it gives you the privileged to try anything. Know your worth. It is said that you should try everything, because maybe you’re good at everything, thanks to Gamila Arief. Your view to the world will change as you grow, try to be open about any possibilities. Spread your wings. And remember that money isn’t everything, but it will help you a little. Just keep in mind to not become a money slave.


In your 20’s you make mistakes, so much mistakes. You’ll change career several times. You will love and fall out love. Your heart will be broken. You’ll change yourself. You’ll try to fit it and failed miserably. Oh, but that’s okay. Because you evolve, to be right person for you. You will stop trying to fit in, because you know your worth and you don’t need drama. You will be at the crossroads and don't know where to go. You will go nuts and clueless. You fall to pieces and then grab those pieces again to build yourself from the start. It takes time but I promise you, it worth the struggle. Look inside you, can you remember who you are before people tell who you should be?

Life will feel sucks at times, but when you stop and look around, it's actually pretty amazing. There days when you do't feel at your best at all, and all you do is just scrolling your Facebook's home page. Then there are days, when you're productive af, you know Netflix and chill. But that's okay, it's okay to be not okay, as long as you stay true to your self and you



**) One day I will do a trip across Europe, just like the Before Sunrise trilogy. Hop on from train to train to train, city to city.

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