Monday, June 18, 2012


Maroon 5 will held their concert here in Indonesia, again! Yes, AGAIN!!! Last year they already had their concert in Jakarta and all the tickets were sold out. This year they decide to held their concert here to promote their new album "Overexposed".

As one of Maroon 5 big fan, I want to watch their concert as well. The ticket was sold online on June, 16. On that day I woke up early got to campus because I still got class. And exactly at 10 o'clock I log on to the web. I was really excited and a little bit nervous (hahaha, I know it's too much). This is the concert that I already waited for so long. As soon as possible, I clicked on the ticked I want and wait the internet to load and proceed my order. Until suddenly it done loading and said that the tickets were sold out.

The promoter said that all the tickets were sold out in less than 3 minutes. There're hundreds even thousands of Maroon 5 fans out there. I bet it's not just me who didn't get the ticket. I couldn't make it for Maroon 5 concert, but deep down I still love them. I keep listening to their song almost every single day and hoping they'll come again next year or whenever. I still crazy about them.
It was sold out but I still love them!

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