Sunday, December 29, 2013

That Girl

So what you're form the other side of the tracks,
So what the world don't think we match,
I'll put it down like my love's on wax, guess what?
I'm in love with that girl
And she told me, that she's in love with me

I was in the middle of cleaning my room when this song pop up from my laptop.
And then I think, this song took the idea of romanticism on my head to a whole next level.
So, here I am, abandoning my "shipwreck" room and write my blog with this song repeating over and over.

I've  listen to this song more than one time before this. But today, it is a different case, a different situation and different feelings.

I hope you guys know this song, if you don't then I don't know what Google is used for? Move you lazy ass and find it. Well, okay it is 'That Girl' by Justin Timberlake. As I type down this blog post, I realize that all the paragraph I've made is started with 'I'. What an egoistic person would do that. But I'm just too lazy to change that and thinking of another word.

Well let's back to this song, this is what I intended this blog post for. Before I start blabbering about any unnecessary things.

This song just made me imagining things that I hope maybe someday would happen.
I was imagining that one day, okay I know this is cheesy, that guy will sing this for me, at least he lip sync it for me and ask me to marry him. Shit, this is cheesy. But sometimes girls love those little cheesy things. I want to be 'That girl', the girl he will proudly say that he's in love with that girl.

I listen and listen to this song, over and over again I can't stop smiling.
So before my mom creep in and ask me what happen and I have to face an awkward conversation with her. Well, she's already in. So, I think I should end this blog post.


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