Monday, September 1, 2014

That Is It, That Thing

You don't understand how much I love to listen to what people are passionate about. It's my favorite.

That is it, I want to do something with that thing.

The thing that make Edison did not want to sleep because he is so curious
I want that kind of curiosity

I want to do something with curiosity just like when Einstein discover the mystery of the world

I want to be thirsty and drink and thirsty again. I want to drink and drink everything as much as I could just to prove a point.

Just to find something in this stagnant life. Like what they said, "Life is not supposed to one place"

I do not want to be old and full of regrets. Because I don't try anything, because I don't try enough thing for my thirst. For my curiosity.

I need that thing that makes Hemingway could type his book standing still and does not feel tired at all.
I want that such of eagerness

Not just sitting lazily and waiting for the payday so I could afford an escape

I will find that thing, the thing I love more than anything. But not more than the love for my family and God.

And for everyone who is as clueless as I am about life. You are not alone, I could assure you on this. Try everything until you find it. Your purpose and mission in life.

Good luck

With love

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