Friday, February 19, 2016

Djogja, will always be missed!

Djogja, the city that will always be missed and it's so good to be back. I've been to Djogja several times before but nothing like this one. Because this I went there only with my cousin and no parent, whoa!

I get there by the first train and it took me around 8 hours then we find a nice cheap hostel around the station and there our times rolls.

View en route to Djogja

Evening in Djogja

Hostel where I stay, they got some swag

Tea, my dear?

Leyeh-leyeh* at its best

Yummy breakfast they provide

Imogiri pine forest in the outskirt of town

Come, let's have some tea on the corner of the forest

Puncak Becici, several minutes walks from Imogiri pine forest

Ready for cave tubing

Beautiful Sunset from Djogja's little Hollywood

I'd rather eat at another street vendor tough

Into the Taman Sari Water Castle

This is the castle where all the queen and princess take bath

Puppet Maker around the castle

We call it Wayang

An attempt to be freed

Night in Malioboro, packed and busy

*) Leyeh-leyeh: to chill out

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