Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Old essays

I found my old essays that I made for the application for the IELSP program. It's scholarship for learning English in US for like 8 weeks. Though didn't make it, I still think that all these essays could come in handy for others who need amusement. As these essays are major crap and full of grammar mistakes. 

So, I'm calling all the grammar nazis to come and see...

#1 Essay about personal life
Life is like dancing if we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time. - Miguel Angel Ruiz
Spending my life as an India (faced) girl in Indonesia, where Indian people are only minority is quite hard in my early life. Although I am a citizen of Indonesia but both of my grandparents are Indian so I look like a native Indian girl. People always stare at me wherever I go, it's quite annoying for me. People reactions towards me finally makes it so hard to get along with others.  My parents realized this's not good for me. So, my mother started to encourage me, she introduced me with my very first friend in school. She kept saying "no matter what's outside its what's inside that counts". I do believe to my mother, slowly but sure I turn from a very shy girl into who I am now. I have one brother and one sister, that's why I have to be a goo role model for them. My parents, brother and sister take a great part in my life. I created my life as good as I can be. My family is my muse in everything.

As I typing this, I found soooo many mistakes. Hope you find it too. Well, this's the first. Still got several of these. 

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